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Ripple (XRP) Hits an All-Time High in an Important Metric

Ripple (XRP) Hits an All-Time High in an Important Metric


  • XRP’s Recent Trend: XRP surpassed $0.60, rising 8% in a week, with significant large investor (whale) activity—transactions over $1 million and a record count of over 277,000 sharks and whales.
  • Varied Predictions: While analysts like Dark Defender and Cryptoinsightuk forecast XRP at $0.66 and $1.36 respectively, CryptoBull’s bold $220 prediction is seen as highly ambitious.
  • Future Trajectory: The diverse predictions spark interest in XRP’s possible price movements for the year’s remainder.

XRP Whales on the Move

Ripple’s native token – XRP – has recently surpassed the $0.60 level for the first time since mid-August. It has been among the best performers in the entire crypto market, with its price surging around 8% in the past week (per CoinGecko’s data).

The impressive spike coincided with an increased activity coming from whales. As revealed by Santiment, XRP transactions involving such large investors exceeded $1 million in value a few days ago, representing a three-month high.

In addition, the total number of sharks and whales (those holding at least 10,000 XRP) has jumped to an all-time high of over 277,000.

How High Can XRP Go?

Multiple experts and analysts have recently laid out their price forecasts on XRP, with some envisioning somewhat realistic targets and others going for truly wild bets.

The popular X (Twitter) users Dark Defender and Cryptoinsightuk suggested that the coin could surge to $0.66 and $1.36 (respectively) in the following weeks.

On the other hand, CryptoBull predicted that XRP could reach a whopping $220 in the next bull run if it follows “the very same pattern” from previous cycles. It is worth noting that the asset’s market capitalization should blast above $100 trillion for this to happen, making the forecast sound quite absurd.

Those curious to learn where XRP might be headed in the remaining months of the ongoing year could take a look at our video below: