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SHIB Official Issues a Warning on Suspicious Partnerships Involving Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu Official With Stark Warning Regarding Shibarium

Shibarium Discord admin, using the X (Twitter) handle DaVinci, alerted individuals to do proper research before taking all rumors about a partnership involving Shiba Inu for granted. Relying only on verified sources is the key to making “informed decisions,” they added.

The Latest Warning

DaVinci argued that there are numerous bad actors who use the Shiba Inu logo or the name “Shibarium” to advertise collaborations that are not legit. The admin said real alliances are exclusively promoted and introduced via official channels like Shiba Inu’s blog.

“The fact that some team members share articles about these projects does not mean that it is an official partnership. The official partnership has a channel on Discoed – let me make it simple for you – no channel – it’s not a Shiba Ecosystem partnership.”

Having that said, it is essential that people rely on “Do Your Own Research” (DYOR) practices to stay away from malicious projects, DaVinci concluded.

Some Previous Alerts

LUCIE – Shibarium’s Marketing Strategist – has also recently issued a stark warning, advising individuals to conduct proper due diligence before joining Shiba Inu’s ecosystem. Just like the aforementioned case, they alerted about numerous fraudulent projects containing the name of the memecoin and the recently launched layer-2 blockchain solution. Those wishing to find out more about Shibarium can click on the clip below:

Subsequently, Shiba Inu developer Kaal Dhairya pointed the investors’ attention towards the Calcium token (CAL). They reminded users that the asset was created “only for the specific purpose to mint and renounce BONE” and not for trading as it will not have any future value:

“Please do not buy or trade the Calcium token (seriously), there is no liquidity, and claims of large losses are FUD.”