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Coinbase crypto lobbying campaign to focus on four swing states

Coinbase crypto lobbying campaign to focus on four swing states

Crypto exchange Coinbase has announced that it will focus its “Stand with Crypto” campaign on nine states in the U.S., including four “swing states” where voters were polled as less likely to choose anti-crypto presidential candidates.

The four “swing states” mentioned are New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, as stated in a blog published on September 19.

According to Coinbase, a survey conducted by Morning Consult a year prior showed that over half (55%) of voters in these key states (NH, NV, OH, PA) said that they would be less likely to vote for candidates who oppose crypto and Web3.

The poll, published in October, surveyed 800 likely voters across the four states. Between 13-19% of respondents claimed to own cryptocurrency at the time.

Percentage of voters in the four swing states that own cryptocurrencies or nonfungible tokens. Source: Morning Consult

Coinbase also highlighted that in Nevada, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, more than 40% of crypto owners use blockchain for overseas remittances, enabling them to help their family members with food, housing, and health care at a significantly lower cost compared to traditional banks’ international wire transfers.

Coinbase’s Effort to Mobilize Crypto Users

The “Stand With Crypto” campaign by Coinbase is a 14-month-long initiative launched in August, aiming to promote crypto legislation in the U.S.

The campaign will focus on the four aforementioned “swing states” as well as Arizona, California, Georgia, Illinois, and Wisconsin, which have a higher number of crypto owners compared to the national average.

“While a growing number of elected officials in Congress are advocating for legislation to regulate crypto and drive progress in the financial system, others are simply choosing to protect the status quo.

On September 27, Coinbase will also organize a “Stand with Crypto Day” in Washington D.C. to advocate for better cryptocurrency innovation and policies.

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The campaign will also urge crypto owners and supporters to contact their respective members of Congress and encourage them to pass clear and sensible legislation.

“Today we kick off this effort by rallying the collective energy of the community, and taking the fight off X (formerly known as Twitter) and on to the phones.”

“The campaign will encourage crypto owners and supporters to take one minute of their day to call their member of Congress and ask them to pass clear, sensible legislation,” Coinbase added.

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