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Ankr–Microsoft partnership continues with blockchain creator tool debut

Ankr–Microsoft partnership continues with blockchain creator tool debut

On June 8, Ankr, a decentralized blockchain infrastructure provider, announced that it has launched its enterprise blockchain creator tool on Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace. The tool, named “AppChains,” will allow companies to quickly launch a dedicated and customizable blockchain to power various Web3 strategies. Developers can use the Polygon Supernet on its first iteration, with more choices to come.

Ankr states that AppChains has been available for a year and has been used to launch application-specific blockchains to power decentralized applications. However, the company’s developers are witnessing strong demand from institutional clients in areas such as banking, central bank digital currencies, and gaming wanting to use AppChains. The company said:

“Making the AppChain solution available on Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace provides an easy path for businesses to find a vetted solution and go to market with use cases like the above. AppChains ensure fast and affordable transactions, seamless user experiences, regulatory compliance, and end-to-end engineering.”

Peter Stewart, head of infrastructure at Ankr, explained that the firm would continue to improve the tool based on user feedback and performance metrics under the guidance of Microsoft. Meanwhile, Daniel An, director of Web3 and artificial intelligence business development at Microsoft, said that partnering with Ankr is an essential step in “testing, deploying, and scaling Web3 projects seamlessly.”

Cointelegraph previously reported on Feb. 21 that Ankr and Microsoft had partnered to offer enterprise node hosting services on the Azure Marketplace. The service relays transactions, deploys smart contracts, and can read or write blockchain data, saving time for developers to spend on scaling their applications. Currently, Ankr’s Web3 developer hub and software development kits power connections to over 30 blockchains and is the approved infrastructure partner for building on the BNB Chain, Polygon, and Avalanche ecosystems.

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