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Debt ceiling crisis: Best practices to navigate this market

Debt ceiling crisis: Best practices to navigate this market

In this week’s episode of Market Talks, we have the pleasure of hosting Mike McGlone, senior macro strategist at Bloomberg Intelligence. Bloomberg Intelligence provides detailed analysis and data sets on industries and companies, government, credit, litigation, and economic factors.

During our discussion with McGlone, we delve into the current debt ceiling battle in the American law-making houses. With the United States potentially defaulting on its debt for the first time in history, will lawmakers reach an agreement before time runs out? We also explore how this situation could impact Bitcoin, crypto, and other risk assets, especially given the Federal Reserve’s possible rate hike pause and inflation tapering off.

Additionally, McGlone shares his perspectives on de-dollarization, where some countries are reducing their reliance on the US dollar and settling trades in their own currencies. Is this a serious threat to the dollar as the global reserve currency, and which currency comes closest to replacing it?

We discuss standard practices investors should know and use to navigate the markets, such as whether to ignore short-term high inflation or wait until things cool down. We also explore some of the biggest mistakes investors typically make.

Furthermore, we talk about the challenges faced by the banking industry and how it is in crisis, particularly with the continued rollout of Fed interest rate hikes. Finally, we cover many other exciting topics in this episode, so make sure you tune in until the end. Market Talks airs every Thursday and features interviews with some of the most influential and inspiring people in the crypto and blockchain industry. Head to our YouTube page, Cointelegraph Markets and Research, and don’t forget to like and subscribe for future updates and videos.