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Coinbase exec uses ChatGPT ‘jailbreak’ to get odds on wild crypto scenarios

Coinbase exec uses ChatGPT ‘jailbreak’ to get odds on wild crypto scenarios

A “jailbreak” for the ChatGPT artificial intelligence tool has been discovered by a Coinbase executive that enables it to predict the odds of unusual cryptocurrency pricing scenarios. The head of business operations at the crypto exchange, Conor Grogan, an ardent ChatGPT user, tweeted a screenshot of the results of the tool on 30 April, which revealed that ChatGPT had calculated a 15% chance of Bitcoin (BTC) becoming irrelevant with prices declining over 99.99% by 2035. Meanwhile, ChatGPT predicted a 20% chance of Ether (ETH) approaching near-zero prices by the same year. Two other cryptocurrencies, Litecoin (LTC) and Dogecoin (DOGE), were given even lower odds to drop close to zero, with probabilities of 35% and 45%, respectively. ChatGPT displayed a preference for Bitcoin, according to the Coinbase executive.

Before making the cryptocurrency predictions, Grogan requested that ChatGPT assign probabilities to several political predictions, which included Russian President Vladimir Putin, US President Joe Biden, and former US President Donald Trump. Additionally, predictions were focused on the impact of artificial intelligence on humanity, religion, and the existence of aliens. One of ChatGPT’s predictions claimed that “aliens have visited Earth and are being covered up by the government”, with a probability of 10%. To build these tables, Grogan fed a script of the prompt to ChatGPT, which he shared with his followers.

Grogan claimed that he had tested the prompt over 100 times before reporting his findings to his followers on Twitter, claiming the results were consistently accurate: “

“I ran this prompt 100 times on a wiped memory GPT 3.5 and 4, and GPT returned very consistent numbers; standard deviation was… “

This was not Grogan’s first attempt to experiment with cryptocurrency issues using ChatGPT. In a tweet posted on 15 March, he demonstrated that ChatGPT-4, the tool’s latest version, could identify vulnerabilities in Ethereum smart contracts and outline the exploitation of faulty contracts. OpenAI, the team behind ChatGPT, have conducted studies showing that GPT-4 is capable of passing high school and law school exams with scores ranking in the 90th percentile. Italy recently lifted its ban on the tool following a month-long ban after Italian regulators raised privacy concerns.

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