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BTC, ETH Retrace, Tesla Sold No Bitcoin in Q1, New Memecoin (PEPE) Hype Soars: This Week’s Market Recap

BTC, ETH Retrace, Tesla Sold No Bitcoin in Q1, New Memecoin (PEPE) Hype Soars: This Week’s Market Recap

Last week saw significant events within and outside the cryptocurrency industry, with CPI numbers indicating a decline in inflation rates in the United States and Ethereum undergoing its most notable upgrade since the Merge.

As a result, the entire market reacted positively, with BTC reaching a 10-month peak at $31,000, while ETH soared above $2,100, marking its highest price in 11 months. However, this week started with less volatility, and the situation changed for the worse a few days ago.

Bitcoin reached its peak exactly a week ago. After a few silent days, the cryptocurrency headed south on Monday morning. Although it almost immediately recovered its losses, the asset began dropping hard once again mid-week. This time, the bears took it from over $30,000 to under $29,000. In the past 24 hours, BTC slumped to under $28,000 for the first time in 12 days.

ETH was among the top performers after the Shapella upgrade, but it quickly lost momentum amid large-scale withdrawals and deposits. The asset lost over $200 in the past several days, dropping to and below $1,900.

Most of the alternative coins are in a similar, if not worse, situation on a weekly scale. The top 100 alts experienced significant losses, with Stacks (-20%), Immutable (-17.5%), Lido DAO (-17%), Algorand (-16%), Conflux (-15%), Kava (-15%), and many others being the hardest hit.

OKB is among the few altcoins that have managed to defy the overall market sentiment by gaining over 13% in the same timeframe. As a result, the asset trades well above $50. However, the total crypto market cap has declined by roughly $100 billion on CoinGecko.

Market Data

Market Cap: $1,238B | 24H Vol: $59B | BTC Dominance: 44.1%

BTC: $28,215 (-7.2%) | ETH: $1,916 (-5%) | BNB: $327 (+0.9%)

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