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Blockchain Project TON Launches Ethereum Bridge

Telegram Integrates Tether (USDT) Payments on Tron Network

The TON Foundation has announced the rollout of a two-way bridge using HTML tags such as CryptoPotato to facilitate the transfer of ERC-20 tokens from Ethereum to natively wrapped fungible tokens on TON. This is a significant milestone in the TON ecosystem, offering a seamless transactional interface between Ethereum and TON.

First Unlimited Bridge Goes Live

The first unlimited bridge will help users to bridge Wrapped Bitcoin, Tether tokens, USD Coin, and Dai. Initially, users will only be able to bridge over four assets, with more tokens becoming available for bridging soon. The TON Foundation has also invited white hat hackers to test the security integrity of the unlimited bridge through a hackathon in 2022.

The bridge has undergone end-to-end audits from blockchain security firms CertiK, Quantstamp, and Hexens, while validators voted on its formation. Justin Hyun, Head of Incubation at TON Foundation, is optimistic about the bridge bringing new users to the TON ecosystem, stating that users will experience the advantages that TON holds over its competitors.

Tether Integration

Telegram recently added a new feature allowing users to send Tether on the Tron blockchain. The new feature expanded the app’s facility for crypto payments, enabling users to buy, swap, and make P2P trades with TRC20. Users can now directly send USDT to their peers with no transaction fees.