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Bitcoin soccer club Real Bedford FC wins the league

Bitcoin soccer club Real Bedford FC wins the league

The Real Bedford Football Club, proudly known as the Bitcoin (BTC) soccer team, has become champions of the South Midlands League for the 2023 season in the United Kingdom. Fans from all parts of the world flew in to watch the last home game and see the trophy being raised in North London, with 327 fans attending, many from as far as Vancouver and Beijing.

In 2022, during the first home game of the season, Peter McCormack, the club’s chairman and a Bitcoin podcaster, shared his vision of owning an English Football League side; thereby, he bought Bedford FC and rebranded it as Bitcoin-friendly Real Bedford. McCormack has brought Bitcoin to Bedford and the world, with supporters hoping the club will one day compete in the Premier League. The logo on the club’s strip, opposition to a founding date in 2021, and a Bitcoin logo donate the team as a part of the Bitcoin rallying call.

“It’s an underdog story. The thing is, it’s got more meaning now because there’s coming out and saying ‘Yeah, I’m going to buy a football team — making a Bitcoin team and getting it in the Premier League.’ And everyone’s like, ‘Yeah, shut up you w*nker.’ But now, I’ve done the first promotion.”

Real Bedford has given British Bitcoin advocates a new rallying point, with Bitcoin enthusiasts worldwide tuning into live streams of the matches. However, McCormack’s activities are not confined to football only. Each Real Bedford home game holds a pre-game meetup where locals and travelling Bitcoin enthusiasts ask questions and learn more about Bitcoin, while Real Bedford merch can be purchased using the Lightning Network. McCormack’s long-term plan is to have Bitcoin understood better in the United Kingdom and, to this end, he has created the Bedford Bitcoin community.

“The goal is to communicate Bitcoin to the country. It’s a bit like El Zonte was the seed that turned El Salvador into a Bitcoin country. I want this to be the seed that makes our country understand and have better regulations towards Bitcoin.”

McCormack is committed to advancing Bitcoin, but he is equally determined to bring positive change to his community. As inflation and economic mismanagement debilitate Bedford, McCormack realises that his town needs more than Bitcoin to thrive, so he is using the club as a Trojan horse to deliver economic and social change.

“They [the people of Bedford] can see it, they can come to our [Bitcoin] meetups, but it’s a soft touch. It’s my Trojan horse. It’s a Trojan football.”

However, McCormack is cautious about promoting Bitcoin in his local town, arguing that it could lead to the misconception that Bitcoin is an instant path to wealth. Bedford’s deprived town status is a concern, and wider welfare issues must be considered.

The triumph of Real Bedford is a remarkable achievement, but the long-term goal remains securing a spot in the Premier League while bringing economic and social change to Bedford. Despite the challenges, McCormack is unwavering in his commitment. Real Bedford’s Bitcoin-friendly brand might one day bring about the global Crypto Cup.